Education and professional advanced trainings

2017/2018 Certified Correspondence Course in Criminology (ZFU-II/262), completed legal, sociological and empirical criminology in May 2018 achieving excellent grades
2017/2018 Certified Specialist Training (The Open University): completed Forensic Psychology Witness Investigation (neurobiological research knowledge) in May 2018 achieving excellent grades
2016 Specialist Lecture for Teachers: "Promotion of gifts as a way of life" (Primary School, Bavaria) as well as "School consequences due to left-handedness" (University Birmingham)
February 2016 Press conference of the university of the Balearic Islands (UIB) research group „gravity and relativity“ (astrophysics), Ligo-Project:
Proof of the Einstein-Theory through gravitational waves
05.09.2015 Project Fashion Week Italy: PROGETTO QUID (well-known fashion designers provide fabrics and know-how for the integration of „lost“ women)
03.09.2015 Alpbacher Forum – Congress
Economic Dialogue : „ Equality-Inequality“
„Sufficient investment funds for Europe?“
(Mag. Wilhelm Molterer
(Vicepresident of the European Investment Banc - EIB ) )
„End of the welfare state?“
(Dr. Christoph Matznetter
(Member of Parliament for the National Assembly ) )
„Emotion beats rationality“
(Tiki Küstenmacher (Theologian, cartoonist, beststeller author,
german protestant-lutheran parson)
Dr Gustav Dressler (General Manager 3 Bancs Generali Investment- GmbH) as host and moderator ) )
02.09.2015 Alpbacher Forum – Congress
„Integration and Europe“-Discussion
with the Austrian Federal Minister Sebastian Kurz
2014 Donau Universität Krems/Salzburg Work for the Dissertation
11.11.2013 Donau Universität Krems: Master of Arts
Masterthesis: "Gifted Education"
Titel: Wie wirklich ist Wirklichkeit? – "Stell dir vor es ist Schule, und jeder will hin!"
2011 -2013 Research Studies in the area of Gifted Education
2012 - 2013 Conception and Project for support of highly talented in Tennis
“Tenis Ses Puntetes” with Carlos Adreani, Mallorca
1995 - 2013 PrivatPraxis for intervention of crisis
Systematically Performance                & Stage of life
Promotion of intellectual giftedness  & Psychotherapy
Company Coaching                              & Family-Mediation
International teaching and lecturing (German/English)
Writing activity, author for books and audiobooks
2006 - 2013 Coaching & Mediation in inland and abroad, coaching for employers
29.08.2012 Employer Audience Alpbach /Employer public discussion
with a personal invitation to
the 12th managementclub breakfast with Mrs Dr. Auma Obama
about the issue: Future of the youth- POOR, RICH EUROPE
22./23.10.2011 5th international Bleep-congress Stuttgart/Germany
“Your thoughts form your reality”
Insight in research of consciousness, quantum physics, neurobiology
and brain-research in combination with spiritual points of view
2010/2011 Lectures and teaching
Mediation as a redemptive step into a new society
From the medical, psychological, and quantum physics point of view, according to the guidelines of Prof. Hafft and Prof. Gräfin von Schlieffen, and according to the "Free and Energy-linked Movements"
according to Prof. Alfred Evert
2011 Tenerife, Mayas and Incas as studies on cultures of the era
24./25.09.2010 IPP (Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Omsk)
Prague/Czech Republic - International Conference
"20 Years of NLS technology: History of Development, Scientific
and Practical Achievements and Prospects of Development",
quantum physics phenomena in the mind-body-spirit
13.-15.03.2009 Leipzig Book Fair 2009/Germany
Reading - Book Presentation "lieben heist erkennen"
23.-26.11.2008 University Hospital Sofia/Bulgaria/Zlatanov Co. Ltd.
Scientific studies in the field of quantum physics
29.05.2008 - 01.06.2008 3rd Symposium of DAEMBE-Dresden/Germany
"Man and the Cosmos - The New Medicine of the Quantum"
27.-30.04.2008 IPP (Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Omsk)
Hamburg/Germany - International Seminar
"The Latest Achievements of the NLS-Diagnosis:
Theory and Practice"
2008 Advanced training with Dr. Warnecke
"Quantum Physics and Brain Research"
(Autistics, Savants, highly Talented, sensitive Gifted)
Dezember 2007 Dubai/United Arab Emirates
Scientific studies in the field of quantum physics

Literary activity - book preparation/research
04.-07.10.2007 Intersana 2007 – Augsburg/Germany
Exhibitors and technical lecture at trade fair for
"New Approaches to Information Medicine
and Information Psychology"
28.09.2007 - 01.10.2007 IPP (Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Omsk) - Moscow/Russia
Meeting with Prof. Nesterov and Ms. Nesterova (director IPP)
Scientific studies in the field of quantum physics
Permanent cooperation in research and public
13./14.07.2007 Sonthofen-Blaichach/Germany
Attendance at lecture:
"Information Medicine as a New Way of Medicine"
February 2007 Cairo/Egypt study tour on "Emotional Intelligence"
2006–2010 Teaching in adult education institutes
and private seminaries for autistic children,
emotionally abused and gifted children 

Mediation as directions for our society
05/2006 DGEIM Congress
Scientific studies in the field of
quantum physics
Seit 2006 Collaboration with Dr. Volker Mann MD,
Presence Medicine based on latest research findings
of quantum physics and brain research
Seit 2005 Working with the quantum-physics METATRON system
09/2005 Dance Workshop Pfarrkirchen/Germany - Inge Stallwanger
Summer Workshop - Classical Ballet
06/2003 Technical School Schnell (Private Massage School)
Training in Sports Massage and Food Reflexology
Audit Hamburg with "good success" and
Licensed for "sports massage/bodywork/food reflexology"
2003 International Open University, London/England, specialised training
Licensed as a "Lecturer in Applied Ethology"
04.07.2003 International Higher Education Institute in London/England
Registration as a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ethology
31.12.2002 International Open University, London/England
Study: Animal Psychology in the Department
of Behavioural Psychology
Certificate - successful completion of BA
03/2001 – 07/2003 Open University London/England – Distance Learning
Lecturer in Applied Ethology / Bachelor of Arts
2004 Instruction and initiation in the "Healing Art of the Shamans'
2003 Study tour and coaching in Santa Fe, New Mexico
24./25.11.2001 Certificate of Completion - Three In One Concepts
"Tools of the Trade - Harmony of Body, Mind and Soul"
Authorisation to practice "Applied Kinesiology"
23.11.2000 Gut Ising/Bavaria – Basic badge of equine studies
Bronze riding badge
Permission to "practice riding therapy"
23.11.2000 Gut Ising/Bavaria – German Class IV riding badge
(Small equestrian badge)
1997 Workshop – Mühldorf/Germany
at a support group with autistic children
and gifted children
1997 Appointment as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the FVDP
(Free Association of German Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Psychological Counsellors) - today VFP (Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Natural Healers for Psychotherapy and Counsellors)
04/1996 German Paracelsus Schools – 13th Psychotherapy Symposium
speaker on course 12, 21.04.1996 on the topic:
"And behold, it was good" - the original idea of ​​creation
in the solution-focused short time therapy
1995/1996 Clinical internship at Christian Hospital in RET
1995/1996 German Institute for Rational-Emotive &
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Association (DIREKT) Würzburg/Germany
(New York branch, Dr. Albert Ellis) Advanced Course RET
1995/1996 Pierre-Simon Laplace University/Switzerland
Postgraduate psychotherapy 

(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and RET)
1995 – 1997 Education Officer and Director
Psychotherapeutic Training, Training and
Supervision in VFP (Association of Independent Psychotherapists,
Natural Healers for Psychotherapy and Counselling Association))
1995 Elaboration of the concept study for introducing
"Psychotherapy postgraduate studies" for
the German Paracelsus Schools with a
focus on solution-oriented brief therapy
in collaboration with Dr. Friedmann
06/1995 State District Office of Dingolfing-Landau/Germany
Grants permission for "practice of medicine" (HPG)
1994/1995 University of Regensburg/Germany
Two Semesters Catholic Theology
Seit 1994 Lecturer in Group Supervision, Individual Supervision and
seminar leader for the topic:
"Clinical Psychology/Psychopathology/Psychiatry and
Christian Psychotherapy/ Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) and
child and adolescent psychology for sensitive gifted students in the whole
of Germany in the training institutes of the DPS
1994 Dr. Rainer Wallerius M.A. - President of FVDP
Professor at Psychology Department of the University of Jefferson City/USA
125 hours supervision and therapy training,
co-therapist, especially in group therapy settings,
in particular in the fields of classical and cognitive-behavioural therapy
and depth psychology methods
12/1994 DE’IGNIS FGS GmbH Altensteig/Germany
Therapy Workshop
(Christian therapy limits and possibilities,
communication skills, supervision - case studies)
1994 Collaboration as Christian therapist with
DE'IGNIS Fachklinik GmbH Clinic for Christian Psychiatry
and Psychosomatic Egenhausen-Stuttgart/Germany
10/1994 German Paracelsus Schools (as lecturer)
Participation in the 10th Psychotherapy Symposium in Karlsruhe/Germany
04/1994 German Paracelsus Schools (as lecturer)
Participation in Psychotherapy Symposium in Dresden/Germany
09/1992 – 07/1994 German Paracelsus Schools
Training psychotherapist/psychological counsellor,
thesis topic: "Christian Psychotherapy"
(successful completion with "very good"
assessment by Prof. Dr. Ahlborn/Prof Weishaupt).
1992 – 1994 Established and supported "Rainbow Butterfly"
children´s group in Munich/Germany
for children with sensitive giftedness
1993 Christian Bible College – AGAPE – Salzburg/Austria
1991 – 1993 University of Salzburg/Austria – Institute for Psychology
(owing to bereavement and children, attended lectures only)
04/1990 – 10/1991 Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany
Psychology, experimental psychology internship with pre-diploma thesis:
"The Life and Experiences of Autistic / Gifted Children"
(university studies terminated owing to bereavement)
1989 One year practice setting up and working with a psychiatrist in
a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practice in Heidelberg/Germany
1989 – 1990 “Help Group for Expectant Mothers in Need Association“ Freiburg/Germany

Psychology internship with pregnant women with unwanted
pregnancies, children with behavioural problems and
the start of family therapy work
1986 – 1990 Independent Research “Marketing & Promotion”
On the subject of “Real Life Management“

11/1982 – 09/1985 Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg/Germany

Social Sciences/Psychology
04/1976 – 03/1978 Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany
Law, Social and Economic Science
04/1975 – 03/1976 University of Vienna/Austria
Social Sciences and Law
09/1966 – 02/1975 State High School, Vienna/Austria,
International Baccalaureate (Matura)
09/1962 – 07/1966 State Primary School, Vienna/Austria


hpp Claudia Ingrid Mann M.A.
Profiling  &  Krisenintervention
Coaching Donau-Universität Krems
Lecturer Open University London



2008lieben heißt erkennen
vergriffen – Neuauflage mit CD 2016
2002Wie im HIMMEL
2000So auf ERDEN
vergriffen – Neuauflage mit CD 2016
1985Gedichte und Kurzgeschichten


"Wie wirklich ist die Wirklichkeit? –

Stell dir vor es ist Schule und jeder
will hin!"
2010"Sind Sie wirklich krank?"
(mit Dr. med. Volker Mann)
2008"From Information Psychology
to Creational Psychotherapy"

Private Edition – CD
from the practice lecture series

2013„Wirklich? Wirklich!“ –
Stell dir vor es gibt Leben, und jeder will es haben!
2013„Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst und das ist…“
2012“LEBENSSCHRITTE – vom Mangel zur Fülle”
2011Wer Ohren hat zu hören, der höre!”
2011„Wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann?“
2009„Life live“
2007„… und sie erkannten einander…“
2005„Lass meine Worte nicht aus deinen Augen weichen“