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Coaching helps you if you have an urgent problem, if you are weighed down by conflict or if you are about to make an important decision …


Coaching helps you if you notice that something is lacking and you feel dissatisfied, if you wear yourself out and experience symptoms of illness or if your plans never come true …


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Every second person is left-handed - and maybe doesn’t even know it?

Do you know, if your children, your partner or you are left-handed or right-handed? Do you know what it can mean for you, if you have already been retrained as a child towards the right ”well-behaved” hand, perhaps some natural advantages weren’t allowed to develop?
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The “pinhole glasses effect” - do you believe you see with your eyes?

No, even if this statement seems absurd to you, you can’t really see with your eyes.  You are welcome to look around and perhaps to burst out laughing, because supposedly you can certainly see what stands, lies or moves next to you.
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Coaching helps you if you are not yet able to recognise your vocation, if you have not yet reached your goals and if your personal needs have not yet been met …


hpp Claudia Ingrid Mann M.A.
Profiling  &  Krisenintervention
Coaching Donau-Universität Krems
Lecturer Open University London